SIMPL Home Release Notes
A summary of each public release of SIMPL Home follows:

2.03 - Enhancements to Scripted & Modular

Modular Tile support enhanced and general bug fixes
  • Modular Tile: Secondary Icon Bug
  • Fixed bug which wouldn't allow the Secondary Icon to be updated on the main tile.
  • Simpl Home Modular Updates
  • Updated Simpl Home Modular to Include:
    - Layouts and Subheaders! Now you can create custom layouts using sub folders in your Simpl Windows program.
    - Added the option to set the Tile location to be Home or Room or Both. Bringing parity with Advanced Tile.
  • Simpl Host Value Cache - Modular
  • Added caching for the Simpl Host Modular Device for improved performance.
  • ScriptedObjectList item ordering issue
  • The order of the scripted object list items was not honouring the order in which they were added.
  • ScriptedEvents could not be localised
  • ScriptedEvents could not be localised - we have added an additional translation redirect to allow for this.
  • ScriptedAction limit removed
  • The artificial limit of 10 actions per Scripted tile has been removed
  • Scripted Events - unused events are now hidden in CH
  • Originally, unused events were flagged as "DO NOT USE", but these are now hidden in the configuration UI.
  • Thermostat Mode Selection
  • Updated documentation to clarify thermostat modes are order specific.

2.02 - Scripted/Modular Tile

Added support for programmable "scripted" and "modular" tiles
  • Thermostat Tile: Error with Humidity
  • Fixed error with humidity input on thermostat tile.
  • Thermostat can be assigned to Home Page
  • Added the option to display the Thermostat tile on the Home as well as Room page.
  • Add ScriptedTile (XML/JSON/Properties) to SIMPL Home
  • Added support for an advanced "scripted" tile allowing power users to create any extension from hand crafted XML/JSON. We support properties for digitals, analogs, serial and serial list data and also support object lists (with sub-properties) for Crestron Home buttonlist objects.
  • Add Modular Tile (SIMPL Objects) to SIMPL Home
  • Added support for an advanced "modular" tile allowing SIMPL WIndows programmers to custom extensions from modular building blocks in SIMPL Windows.


Added Display support and general bug fixes
  • Advanced Tile: Error with Programmable Operations, Toggle Buttons
  • Fixed issue with Toggle Buttons in Programmable Actions for Advanced Tile
  • Thermostat Units Fix
  • Fixed an issue where changing Units to Fahrenheit wouldn't work on iOS
  • Added SIMPL Home Display Support


Security release
  • Thermostat Button Label Customisation
  • Can now input custom labels to the Thermostat Device, using serial inputs in the Thermostat Module.
  • Added version checking
  • Check that the versions running on both Crestron Home and SIMPL Windows are the same. Minor version mismatches (which should be backwardly compatible) will be reported, but will populate endpoints. Major version mismatches will be reported as errors and not populate endpoints.
  • Rename modules for clarity
  • The “integration” has been removed from all module names as it was redundant
  • Rationalise SIMPL module categories
  • Modules all now sit under the "SIMPL Home" category within SIMPL Windows
  • Security Module Support
  • Added support for integrated security systems. Including Emulated Keypad and area support.


Optimisation release
  • Added UI control visibility to Keypad endpoints
  • Keypads can now be further configured to make optional navigation controls hidden.
  • Fixed "toggle" control state synchronisation
  • In Basic and Advanced tiles, the toggle controls on buttons and sliders could become out of sync between SIMPL and Crestron Home following feedback updates from SIMPL. This is now resolved for both Toggle Buttons and Slider Toggles.
  • Extension property optimisations
  • Property optimisations for Basic and Advanced Tiles to accommodate fixes in the Crestron Home mobile user applications.