Apple TV Companion Protocol
These release notes cover both the custom Crestron Apple TV IP integration module and the Crestron Home Apple TV IP driver - any differences will be noted in the description.


Don't Sleep Update (CH), OPACK fix (Custom)
  • Added OPACK fix to Crestron Custom version (was missed from 3.03)
  • The OPACK type 192 was never released into 3.03 - this fixes that issue.
  • Removed "Sleep" command from power off
  • The Apple TV will never be sent to sleep but the driver, regardless of the settings in Crestron Home.


  • Fix for unhandled OPACK data types
  • Some OPACK types were not handled correctly. This has now been resolved. The only problem would be error messages in the processor logs.


App Launch Pattern Match Bug Fix
  • Fixed App Launcher name matching
  • The app launcher could match partial names for services which could lead to the wrong app being launched. e.g. "TV" would match "TV Shows" before finding "TV". We now look for identical matches first, and only then do partial matching.


Session ID Bug Fix
  • Fix session ID conversion
  • The session ID could appear in different formats - some of which were not handled correctly.


SIMPL Windows initial release
  • Initial release of Companion Protocol modules
  • After MediaRemote was deprecated by Apple, the Companion protocol was developed to continue support for Apple TV IP Control under Crestron Custom and Crestron Home environments. This new protocol also provided the App Launching capability.